Faculty and Staff

Georgia Roberts

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Part-Time Lecturer

B.A. English and Ethnic Studies (minor), University of California, Berkeley
M.A. English, University of Washington, Seattle
Ph.C. English, University of Washington, Seattle

Office: UW2-228
Phone: 425-352-3460
Email: gmr2@u.washington.edu
Mailing: Box 358511, 18115 Campus Way NE, Bothell, WA 98011


Each of us approaches education from a unique social location, a personal history and context.  I often teach through the rubric of popular culture because it's one of those places where our understanding of the world may likely ‘overlap' and intersect. I am not suggesting that we always agree on the definition and/or the merits of popular culture; quite the contrary. However, I believe culture becomes ‘popular' because it speaks to something familiar in our understanding of ourselves as social beings - for better or for worse. The key is tracing out what that ‘something' is and learning from it in a way that informs an active response to the present. I strongly believe that knowledge is made both inside and outside of the classroom, and for this reason, I encourage an ethics of mutual respect, difficult dialogue, and persistent, critical reflection about our practices in the university and in our various communities.

Courses Taught

BIS 313 Issues in Media Studies: Bigger than Hip Hop-Music, Media and Politics
BIS 351 Topics in American Culture: The Textual Appeal of Tupac Shakur
BIS 391 20th Century American Literary Realism: from Henry James to Jay Z
BIS 420 Colonizing History in Sub-Saharan Africa
BIS 493 Special Topics: Cultural Studies and Critical Praxis


My research interests include global hip hop culture, American and Comparative Cultural Studies, Critical Race Theory and public scholarship. I am also interested in late nineteenth century American literature, pragmatism and turn-of-the-century political and practical (everyday) conceptions of race, nation and empire.

Selected Publications

Engaged Scholarship, co-edited volume with Amanda Gilven and Craig Martin. Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University Graduate School Press, forthcoming.

“What is Engagement: Public Education in the Age of Permanent War” in Engaged Scholarship, Amanda Gilvin,Craig Martin and Georgia M. Roberts, eds. Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University Graduate School Press, forthcoming.

"Many Moons: Hip Hop, Global Mass Culture & The Planetary Popular". On The Boards Podcast, February, 2010.

The Tupac Shakur Reader, edited volume with James Braxton Peterson, forthcoming.

"Affect, Ethics, and the Imaginative Geographies of Permanent War: An Interview with Derek Gregory." With Keith P. Feldman and Anoop Mirpuri. Theory & Event 12.3 (2009).

"Antiracism and Environmental Justice in an Age of Neoliberalism: An Interview with Van Jones." With Keith P. Feldman and Anoop Mirpuri. Antipode: A Radical Journal of Geography 41.3 (2009): 401-415.

Honors & Awards

2009-2010: Associated Students (UW Bothell) annual faculty award recipient
2009-2010: Principal Investigator, “Reading Group at Stafford Creek,” funded by the
Walter Chapin Simpson Center
2006-2007: University of Washington Excellence in Teaching Award
2004, 2006, 2008: Publicly Active Graduate Education Fellowship, Imagining America
2004-2006: Co-Principal Investigator, “Public Rhetorics and Permanent War,” funded by the Walter Chapin Simpson Center