Digital Future Lab


The Digital Future Lab embraces a broad definition of interactive media, spanning websites, games, film, music, installation art, and speculative design. The lab provides students with opportunities to participate in the research and development of innovative digital experiences, with a specific imperative to investigate how technology and the creative arts combine to enrich our lives and communities. The experiences we build range from grant-funded and industry sponsored projects to the whimsical and purely speculative, and our students, faculty, and staff play a large role in both the conception and realization of everything we create. We strive to provide a safe space for students from radically diverse backgrounds, and encourage that diversity to directly inform their work. All of our work in the lab is designed and produced within a context of rigorous critical inquiry, and analysis of both the work itself and how the work contributes to various discourses and funds of knowledge are woven into all aspects of the student experience.


The DFL uses a rapid prototyping approach to research and development, and we conduct all projects within a framework of user-centered design. Our design process begins with questions that lead to concepts, which iteratively manifest as increasingly refined prototypes. 

Our teams are truly interdisciplinary, comprised of students from Computing and Software Systems (CSS) and other STEM programs, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences (IAS), Interactive Media Design (IMD), Media and Communications Studies (MCS), Interdisciplinary Arts (IA), and a number of our graduate programs. Each project team typically includes Designers, Artists, Developers, Audio Engineers and composers, Project Managers, and Quality Assurance Testers. 

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