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CSS 205: Women in STEM Seminar: College Life

Many women feel outside of “science and engineering” and continue to be underrepresented in these fields. CSS 205: Women in STEM Seminar: College Life address issues that affect attitudes that can limit the role of women in STEM. The main goal of this course is to provide an open forum for students to interact and discuss gender/career issues and to help give students the tools to sustain their college and professional life in STEM.

In this seminar, examine the history of women in science and address the status of women in various STEM disciplines. This is accomplished through examining the representation of women in STEM through STEM women faculty, invited speakers, co-facilitated presentations by CSS 405 (Women in STEM Seminar: Career/Professional life) students, and class discussion. CSS 205 will be offered again in Spring 2017.

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CSS 599: Faculty Research Seminar

In Autumn 2016, the CSS Graduate Programs added a 1 credit seminar titled: CSS 599 Faculty Research Seminar to its degree requirements.  This one-credit course is designed to support students by encouraging their interests and passions through research.  Each week a different CSS faculty member presents for one hour, sharing presentations of their research projects and results, as well as opportunities for students to become involved via their capstone research or independent study.

This quarters students have listened to a variety of project options: reconstructing 3D protein structures based on Cryo-electron microscopy imaging for finding cures to virus-borne diseases; designing systematic frameworks to support and manage continual growth of Internet of Things; studying human factors in cyber security in order to understand and prevent malicious insider behaviors.  CSS 599 will be offered again in Winter 2017.

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